Trees, Shrubs, Perennials & Annuals

Seems like the options are endless.

You’ll love perusing the grounds and taking in all that our nursery has to offer.  We have an orderly arrangement of diverse plant material. These shrubs, trees, ornamentals and grasses we have in stock are sure to contain just what you need to complete your garden or create an interesting focal point. This list also includes some garden decor we have in stock.

We welcome the public and contractors to explore our wide selection of healthy plants and take advantage of our knowledgeable staff for design assistance. We follow the guidelines of “right plant for the right place” to ensure successful landscaping projects.

We stand behind our plants and trees! If you have any trouble, call us and let us know what’s going on!

Diverse, High-Quality Plant Variety

We stock a wide variety of bedding plants suitable for our USDA Hardiness Zones 5, 6, and 7. We have plants that thrive in full sun, full shade, and varying degrees of both. Our onsite designers can help you select plants or even prepare a design to fit your yard conditions.

Here are some of the plants you can expect to see when you come visit our nursery:


Shrubs can be used to fill in open areas, provide screening, create habitat, or define a foundation planting. They offer a low maintenance attractive addition to your landscaping.


Unlike their short-lived counterparts, these cold-hardy plants will return in the spring giving you a lower maintenance gardening option for bright, blooming flowers. These easy-to-tend plants give your garden structure, texture and color.


We offer deciduous and evergreen trees to use for focal points, create screens, or just add a little bit of color and variety to your garden.

Our prices and inventory are seasonally adjusted. Please call, stop in, contact us or check our inventory list to confirm product availabiliy. Our current list of available inventory is available to view and search in an Excel spreadsheet via the link below. Note this list is best viewed from a desktop computer.

You'll Get a Smooth Experience at Greenspring Nursery

Friendly, knowledgeable, experienced – that’s the type of experience you can expect with our crew. But it doesn’t end there. We can also provide:

– Healthy plants that are true to their name

– Delivery to requested location

– Expedited loading process

– Option to schedule a Design Consultation

Educational Resources

It’s not easy to care for some plants, and all need at least some care once they’ve been planted. Here is are some resources from the University of Maryland Extension to guide you in your plants survival.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your plant selection is going to depend on location for the plant, adjacent plants, your soil type, how much sunlight the area gets as well as just personal preference. Our helpful staff can offer suggestions for plants that would thrive in the conditions you have available.

If you’re looking for help with your plant selection, please talk to our on-staff designer, Allison or one of the other available staff. Please bring in photos and measurements of your garden beds with any available information about sunlight, water and soil.

Our bedding plant variety and availability are seasonal and change throughout the year based on availability. Come peruse the nursery,  call the office or check our inventory list to find out what’s in stock.

In most cases, yes. Please call the office or stop in the nursery and let us know what you’re looking for.