Dimensional Bluestone (ATP & Natural Cleft)
Bluestone Treads
WV Boulders
Irregular PA Flagstone
Bluestone Thermal Rockfaced Steps
Colonial Gray Dive Rocks & Steppers
Irregular Laurel Mtn Flagstone
Irregular Pa Flagstone
Granite Orbs, Post and Steps
Granite Wallstone
PA Steppers
Colonial Gray Wallstone (Thin, Med & Heavy)
Irregular PA Flagstone
Laurel Mtn Wallstone (Thin, Med. & Heavy)
Belgian Block (Onyx Black)
Belgian Block (Salt & Pepper)
Colonial Gray Dive Rocks & Steppers
Laurel Mtn Steps
WV Boulders (Medium)
WV Boulders (Heavy)
PA Wallstone
PA Wallstone (Thin, Med & Heavy)
Custom Cutting & Templating

Thin Stone Veneers

by Get Real Stone

Download our inventory and specifications sheet of thin stone mosaic veneers.

Develop Outdoor Living Space with Premium Materials

If you’re looking for stone a hardscape project, we have exactly what you need to build fire places, mantles, hearts, patios, walkways, steps, and more We also offer custom cutting and templating. And if we don’t have it on site we can probably get you what you need, or direct you to someone who can. Currently we have in inventory:

How Much Stone Do You Need?

The answer: It depends

Stone projects require some type of design, or pattern, to be able to determine the spatial dimensions required and if cutting is needed to make a specific pattern work. 

If you have measurements and a pattern/design already, come in and talk to out staff and we can help you get what you need. 

And if you just need help getting it done – let us know! We have  designers on staff to guide you in the right direction.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your project dictates the type of stone required to complete it. Let us know what type of project you’re working on and we can guide you to the options we have on site. We recommend having a pattern or design in mind, and if you have a template, bring a cut-out cardboard indicating what pieces you need.

Yes, at a fee based on the zip code of the delivery location. Please call the office for more information.