Professional Landscape Design to Ensure Your Project Succeeds

We offer landscape design services to both contractors and homeowners. You will work directly with an experienced member of our staff. We ask that you provide us with as much information that you can about the project, including measurements, photos, sunlight, physical features (decks, house, downspouts, walkways) goals and budget.

Our landscape design fee begins at $195.00 and depends on the scope and depth of the project.  If you don’t have the time to measure yourself, we are able to offer house-calls at an additional fee.


Here's What to Expect

Our landscape design begins with our detailed consultation process. We want to be sure we accurately capture your ideas so we can design to meet your expectations. For example, many homeowners want a low maintenance garden and that can be achieved with specific plant selection and layout.

We take into account various factors, including the available space, the placement of existing trees or hardscape elements like patios and decks, sunlight distribution, and more. We’re open to collaborating with your ideas and can provide valuable suggestions based on our extensive expertise. Our expertise allows us to integrate plant selections suitable for our area, such as trees, shrubs, perennials, and grasses.

1. Following the design consultation, we will draw a draft design.

2. We will then show you the plan and plants intended to be used in the design. We want to hear your input. 

3. Once you approve the design, we will create an order for the plants and materials needed to complete the project. If the project is too big for your capabilities, we can recommend a contractor to perform the work.