Bulk Materials: Gravel, Mulch & Topsoil

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Enriched Topsoil

$45.00 / yard

Brown Dyed Mulch

$40.00 / yard

Black Dyed Mulch

$40.00 / yard

Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

$30.00 / yard

#9 Stone

$65.00 / yard

#57 Stone

$55.00 / yard

Stone Dust

$55.00 / yard


$55.00 / yard

Pea Gravel

$75.00 / yard

Red Tipple 3/4 inch

$100.00 / yard

River Jack 3/4 inch

$125.00 / yard

River Jack 1-3 inches

$125.00 / yard

River Jack 3-5 inches

$125.00 / yard

River Jack 5-8 inches

$125.00 / yard

We Have the Size, Shape and Color You Need

We have rock and gravel available in a wide variety so you can choose the type that fits your aesthetic and is best for your landscaping needs.

Here is a list of the types of stone you can expect to find at Greenspring Nursery & Stone Supply.

Keep Your Landscaping Low Maintenance with Mulch, Stone, Rock and Gravel

We have the largest stone selection in Harford county with so many options to make your project a success. Our bulk material selection is available for pickup or delivery!   

Measuring rock or gravel for your landscape

Stone is a useful element to incorporate in a landscape to add texture, contrast, and reduce maintenance in certain areas. 

Natural stone is one of the most versatile elements available for a landscape makeover.  Gravel and rock is also a low maintenance option that offers water conservation. Rock and gravel can be used to extend your driveway space, edge your beautiful gardens or create informal walkways through your landscaping design.

Once you select the type you’d like to use, you will need to calculate the area you’re covering and the depth of coverage. Measure the length and width of the project area. Multiply those to figures to arrive at the square footage of the coverage area.  The depth of material is the third factor which much be calculated. 

For most landscape applications such as mulch, 2 inches is sufficient depth.  If you intend to use rocks greater than 2 inches, you’ll want to increase the depth to account for the diameter of the rocks themselves.  

This calculator below can be helpful in estimating your mulch or rock needs.

Material Volume Calculator

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Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the space you’re covering and how deep you would like the rock to be. Use the calculator above to assist with calculating the volume of mulch, rock or gravel to fit the space you’d like to cover. If you have additional questions or need help determining how much you need, please call the office and we’d be happy to help.

Yes we do at a fee based on your zip code location. Please call the office or submit an order for more details on your rock or gravel delivery needs.

The type of gravel and rock you’re shopping for is going to depend on the purpose of what you’re trying to create. For example for walkways or driveways you are going to want a finer grain to make a smoother driving or walking surface. Out staff can recommend the type of material based on the application you describe.

Weeds can grow in even the smallest depth of soil or dust. When the rock is initially put down, the weeds will be reduced. However, if/when dust and grass clippings settle in the stone, weeds can take root. Stone beds tend to be lower maintenance as it is typically easier to spray for and pull weeds from rock beds.