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Just minutes from Bel Air, Fallston, Forest Hill and Pylesville, Greenspring Nursery offers a massive supply of landscape materials. We can help you get your yard and gardens off on the right foot this season with convenient ordering and delivery online!

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Products & Prices

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Enriched Topsoil

$45.00 / yard

Brown Dyed Mulch

$40.00 / yard

Black Dyed Mulch

$40.00 / yard

Double Shredded Hardwood Mulch

$30.00 / yard

#9 Stone

$65.00 / yard

#57 Stone

$55.00 / yard

Stone Dust

$55.00 / yard


$55.00 / yard

Pea Gravel

$75.00 / yard

Red Tipple 3/4 inch

$100.00 / yard

River Jack 3/4 inch

$125.00 / yard

River Jack 1-3 inches

$125.00 / yard

River Jack 3-5 inches

$125.00 / yard

River Jack 5-8 inches

$125.00 / yard


  • Mulch – minimum 3 yards
  • Topsoil & gravel – minimum 2 yards
  • The office will contact you shortly for pricing and delivery fee.
  • We also deliver natural stone and plants. Call us for an estimate. 

Order Bulk Materials for Delivery

Not sure how much you need?

Once you select the type you’d like to use, you will need to calculate the area you’re covering and the depth of coverage. Measure the length and width of the project area. Multiply those to figures to arrive at the square footage of the coverage area.  The depth of material is the third factor which much be calculated. 

For most landscape applications such as mulch, 2 inches is sufficient depth.  If you intend to use rocks greater than 2 inches, you’ll want to increase the depth to account for the diameter of the rocks themselves.  

This calculator below can be helpful in estimating your mulch or rock needs.

Material Volume Calculator

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